„InterActing Theatre Company“

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off"

Our principal Franz Josef Papenbrock welcomed everybody and made sure that the audience focuses on what there was to come:


"You'll experience a lot of tension, some more tension and a lot of great English. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off".


It all starts with the two main characters Barry and Larry who want to practice for their audition to get a well paid role for a new Netflix series. This practice for an audition is the narrative framework of this year`s production of the InterActingTheatre Company with the titleMurder and Mayhem at Montague Manor.

"Time for Brexit" is the first time that Barry and Larry realize that they need a few more characters on the stage So, it doesn't seem to come as a big surprise that our FOS students are asked to take the role of a buttler, a house-maid, a mystery caller, a gang of criminals, a police assistant and last but not least a dead body - probably being the least challenging part.

© BSZW Foto | W. Beermann
© BSZW Foto | W. Beermann


With few props but a great amount of extremely well-pronounced English which was easy to understand the two actors Sam and Dave made sure that all in the audience had a really great time. Their director Patrick Deas made sure that the action is appropriately accompanied by sound and light.

The InterActing Company proved (once more) that you do not have to be perfect at a foreign language to enjoy a theatre show!


Thank you very much for this great time! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you soon at the BSZW again!